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Oct 01

Ian discusses Bonnie and Damon in 5x22 (x)

Oct 01

BNCE III (Brussels 30th and 31st May 2015)


Guys I’d like to bring a gift for Kat and Ian (like the Bamon Fanbook in May).

What do you think about a USB device with messages, pictures, links to fanfics and videos… :-)

They need to know that we love them and we love Bamon :-) <3

My babies all in the same place at the same damn time!!!!
Sep 29


1.12 + 4.04, requested by tvd-bittersweetness

Sep 23


Stefan Salvatore and Bonnie Bennett are the only 2 characters in TVD or like the universe that I ship with everyone on the TV show because they have chemistry with literally everyone. Although I have preferred ships for them, I am ok with them being with anyone because I know whatever relationship they are in will be EPIC, because they both love so strongly. They let their love consume them and it’s beautiful, because not only are they capable of love but they are brave, loyal, and at the same time both know despair all to well. They know the true value of happiness because there all to familiar to the dark. They deserve joy with anyone that brings it to them. They are glorious unsung heroes who deserve the world and more.

Also did I forget to mention that both of them are cute as buttons

But they are also both sexy as fuck

My faves are the whole package! (disclaimer none of these gifs or images are mine)

Sep 22
Sep 21
Sep 17


Bonnie Bennett & Damon Salvatore Season 6 Promotional Poster

Better Quality plus 2 extras. [ver.1 x]

Sep 17

bamon + looking at each other

Sep 16

Bamon and Stelena in season 6.


Sep 16

TVD season 6 poster 


TVD season 6 poster